photo: Booker T. reading

Selected Letters to / by BTW

From W.E.B. DuBois Sep 1895

Sends his congratulations on the Atlanta speech.

To Thomas Timothy Fortune, Editor, NY Age Jan 1907

"... There are not a few members of our race who try to make their living by going about through the country reminding the race of the wrongs under which it suffers.

To Seth Low Feb 1909

"... If I do not go, they [the State Dept.] fear that the independence and usefulness of the country [Liberia] will be lost.

From Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. Mar 1 1911

"...while your method of solving the problem by industry, education and an accumulation of property is a very slow one, after all it is the only theory that has advanced the race since the Emancipation..."

From Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. Mar 22 1911

"...I wish to further express my absolute and unshaken confidence in your sterling character."

From Marcus Garvey Sep 8 1914

Kingston, Jamaica - "... there is a difference of opinion on the lines on which the Negro should develop himself, yet the fair-minded critic cannot fail in admiring your noble efforts.

To Marcus Garvey Sep 17, 1914

from Tuskegee - "I hope that when you come to America you will come to Tuskegee and see for yourself what we are striving to do...

From Marcus Garvey Apr 12, 1915

Kingston, Jamaica - "... asking you to do your best to assist me during my stay in America

From Marcus Garvey Sep 11 1915

Kingston, Jamaica - "...(re): men who endeavor from the purest motives to do something in the interest of the people...