photo: Booker T. thinking

Magazine & News Articles

The Awakening of the Negro Sept 1896

Atlantic Monthly - "... I saw a young colored man... sitting in a common cabin in the South, studying a French grammar...

Solving 'The Race Problem' Aug 1903

The World - "... It is the race or individual that exercises the most patience, forbearance and self-control...that wins its course and respect

A Protest Against the Burning and Lynching of Negroes Feb 1904

A Protest against Lynching

On Negro Self-Help Nov 1905

The Independent - "...The public has [not] been sufficiently informed of what the Negro himself has been doing ... toward his own education...

Survival of the Fittest 1905

Tuskegee Student - "...Neither our previous condition, attracting, as it may have, sympathy and pity in the past, nor our color, will help us forward.

What a Negro Needs Most Nov 1907

Tuskegee Student - "...the thing that the colored people of this country need most at this time is SOLIDARITY.

About William Henry Lewis Jun 1913

American Magazine - "...there was born in Berkeley, Virginia, a little colored boy who became Assistant Attorney-General of the United States

On the Haiti Occupation Oct 1915

New York Age - "...Haiti has been brought to its present unhappy condition not because of any great fault of the masses of people.

My View of Segregation Laws Dec 1915

New Republic - (posthumously) "... no individual and no race can succeed which sets itself at war against the common good; for "in the gain or loss of one race, all the rest have equal claim." (BTW quotes abolitionist-poet: James Russell Lowell)