booker t. washington portrait


Welcome to the Booker T. Family

Booker T. Club chart image

The Booker T. Family consists of independent Booker T. Clubs, Chapters, and Affiliates chartered to use the Society’s club materials and educational publications.

Our “organization chart” depicts Club members at the top, served by local Club and Chapter organizations, with the Society at the bottom to illustrate its role in supporting the individuals and clubs above.

The acorn shape reminds us that as, “great oaks from little acorns grow,” so too, great people can grow from little, seemingly insignificant beginnings.

Booker T. Club chart image

The BTW Society is working with local schools, community service, and youth organizations to build Booker T. Clubs all across America.

Hmmm, no club in your area? Start one! Call 802-878-3911 now.