"We are in the 'business' of changing lives, not for a day, but for a lifetime."

Our Programs — What We Do:

1 - We Build Booker T. Clubs —  and inspire "BT clubbers" (club members) to . . .
Absorb Character-Building Valueswith fun exercises and 'Words to Live By'
Embrace Good Habits — through positive recognition and affirmations for work done well.
Reinforce Character-Building Virtueswhile developing public speaking and presentation skills.
Develop Entrepreneurial Skillsand form relationships with local Community Leaders.
Open their Eyes to Possibilitiesby learning to think and see themselves as "C. E. O. 's" . . .
. . . in charge of their own. . .
"Character, Education, & Opportunity".

2 - We Educate the Publicby . . .
Expanding our free on-line BTW Library to preserve this great American's legacy for generations to come.
Maintaining a 'News & Views' Archivenewsletters, and opinions related to Character, Education and Opportunity.
Co-hosting BTW Essay Contestsin partnership with local community service organizations.
Creating Jig-Saw Puzzlesto stoke the interest of youths in the lives of Great Americans.

3 - We Publish Books & Booklets to support our club- building and educating activities
BTW — American Herofirst in a proposed series.
Booker T. Club 'Logbooks'first in a proposed series.
Character Building Guidesfirst in series of books w/ companion Study Guides.