About The Booker T. Washington Society

    We develop young men and women of high, moral character.
While the secret to building character has been known for thousands of years:
                "Train up a child in the way he should go:
                and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
   { Proverbs }
. . . today's toxic pop culture and peer environments make 'training' seem impossible.

But there is a way. Our Booker T. Clubs convey character-building virtues and values to youths during their critical formative years in a fun, engaging way:
First, we get their attention with our motto:
It acknowledges and affirms the universal youthful desire for personal freedom.

But freedom without purpose is nothing more than desire without direction.
So we tie freedom's desire to character-builders we call:

Finally, we create and publish complete, comprehensive materials and guides for coaches to lead middle- and high school-aged youths in Booker T. Clubs and Chapters.

The "club" format creates an environment in which 'clubbers' get to experience positive peer 'pressures' as they mutually support and encourage one another and receive praise and recognition for real accomplishment from their coach.

Why not consider forming a Booker T. Club in your area? Look Here or call (802) 878-3911.